How To Save Instagram Reels and IGTV Faster Way (Easy Method)

Instagram platform that allows users to share and view videos within their feed. A user can upload videos from their device’s gallery or record new videos directly through the Instagram app or web. Generally, an Instagram video can be up to 60 seconds in length for regular posts. Users can add captions, apply filters, and include hashtags, locations, and tags in their video posts to provide some information about their video information. When a user will scroll Instagram feed they can watch the video and share with others in social platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Well, in somehow if you find a video which you want to save on your device local storage. Then you first have to know how you can save the video, there are varies way you can save an insta video online like, using online tool and using app. And it’s not a good idea to install an extra app only to save Instagram video on your device. And to make it easy for you, we have deeply this web version tool which you can use with any browser. We’ll recommend you to use our web tool and skip installing an extra app on your device to save an Instagram video.

What is Instagram Reels?

How To Save Instagram Reels and IGTV Faster Way

Basically Instagram has launched 6 October 2010 so at that time you can only upload images as post. Then on June 20, 2018, Instagram has added IGTV feature which offer to upload videos too. Then after Ban of TikTok Instagram launched Reels in August 5th, 2020 which is short form content. The default time limit of Instagram is 60 seconds, but you can adjust it to 15 or 30 seconds, depending on your preferences. So in short Instagram Reel is short form content which you can in more than 60 seconds time duration. If you have an Instagram account then you can create your own Instagram Reels or you can watch people’s content too.

How To Save Insta Reels And IGTV With App

Another way to save Instagram stories is by using a mobile application. This was also using so easy and simple like anybody can use and save any of Instagram Reels. In this case, you have to install an application like Video save for Instagram. Then the same thing, copy the Reel link by click on the three-dot icon, after that open the application and paste the Reel link then the save option will come, So do it simply.

How To Save Insta Reels And IGTV In Web Tool

  • Steps 01: On your Instagram app, tap on the three dots (⋮) located in the top right corner of the video post.
  • Steps 02: In the menu that appears, select the Copy Link option. This will copy the link to the Instagram video. Then open the Videos section.
  • Steps 03: Look for a field or box, paste the URL and click on the START.
  • Steps 04: Once you have pasted the link, the Instagram video tool analyze the link and display the video.
  • Steps 05: That’s It! Click or tap on the ‘save’ or ‘Save’ button to save the Instagram video to your device.

Using Add Story

So this last way to save the Instagram Reel is one of the best way, Because in this way you don’t have to go any other sties or don’t have to save any application. And the trick is, just open the Instagram Reel you want to save and click on the share or sent option and add Reel to your story. Then in the top of your Instagram story has three dot option clicks on that then get the save option click on that, and it’s done. But remember one thing using this adding story process the reel will save not in high quality.


So users, I am shared the Top 3 Best Ways to Save Instagram Reels which you can try and easily save any Reels of Instagram. Using those all way are really simple and easy like anybody can try and save Reels. Now after all these tips and tricks I hope you have understood those all Top 3 Best Ways to Save Instagram Reels and you can do so easily.

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