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Download Instagram Story and Highlights anonymously with online tool in 1080p video quality. Using this online tool for Instagram Stories Downloader you don't have to use any kinds of application for story download and you can download any Instagram stories and highlight in maximum quality.

instagram Stories saver online

Instagram Stories Downloader can download stories from Instagram with just few clicks. If you are searching for the best online tool to download Instagram story then you have visited the perfect place. Because in this post we have shared an incredible tool that can help you to save all the stories from Instagram. No matter if you are an Android user or iPhone user because this Instagram Stories Saver tool which we have shared that can work in all device with its browser. To download or save Insta stories you will get so many applications as an Insta Stories Saver but not all are safe, along with its long process working. But with the tool which we have shared, that need only the Instagram story’s link to download the story. So download all the Instagram stories in just few seconds using this online tool of Instagram Stories Downloader.

What is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a feature where you can share your daily life activities with videos or photos. Just like WhatsApp where you can add story to your status and the status will be disappeared automatically after 24 hours. So the stories with Instagram are same like that, you can add your daily thing which you do all the day. Those stories can be seen by anyone who will visit to your profile in 24 hours of your uploading the story. This feature usually uses by Insta influencer who love to share their daily life activities. So if you followed someone, you can visit their Insta profile to see their stories. Also in the interface of Instagram you can see those people stories in the top who have you followed.

Simple Using Guide of Insta Story Saver

Steps 01: To download any account's stories first visit their Insta profile and copy the story link.

step 01 copy profile URL

Steps 02: After copying the story link to your clipboard, visit through your browser.

Steps 03: Then you will get a search section, now paste the link which you have copied.

step 02 Select Only User ID

Steps 04: Then click on the search button to generate the download button.

step 03 Watch or Download

Steps 05: Now in the end click on the download button then your downloading will be start.

step04 now you can share

Instagram Stories Saver Online

In these days people are trying to avoid using application just like everyone like to use their useful things in online tool. You can even edit photos and videos online with online video editing tools. So just like that in past days people used to download their Instagram videos and stories with application. But in these days they are the same people who love to use online tools like to save or download Insta story.

How to Download Instagram Highlight

As we all know that after uploading a story to Instagram it will disappear automatically after 24 hours. But Instagram has features to make them permanent to their profile, You just have to add those stories to the highlight, and even you can add them with your own title. So now if you don't know how to download those highlight stories using our online downloading tool then it's as easy as downloading stories. First visit to Instagram then visit the Insta highlight then click on the share button then you will get copy link option click on that. Now visit this page and paste the link to the tool and click to start which you get top of this page. Then it will generate the download button click on that then you are successfully downloaded the Instagram highlight which you want to download.

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

The online tool we have shared here it offers so many interesting features that you can enjoy the most. Just like you can turn this tool into dark more and day mode, and dark mode is always best for saving your device battery. In the other hand the best features we provide multiple languages for your better understand. The offer language in English, Hindi, French, Spanish and also others. In short, in this tool we provide features that will be interesting and more useful for you.

Highest quality

Our online tool offers such amazing quality of downloads just like you can download videos in 1080p. In the other hand others online stories downloader provider claim that their tool will offer downloads in 4K. But the thing is you can't download any videos, reels, stories in 4K with online tool. So whenever you are going to download your Instagram stories remember one thing that you can't download videos more than 1080p.

Easy to Use

Downloading Instagram videos using online tool is always easy as compare to using third party application. If you want to download Instagram videos stories using application then first you have to download an application. Now to download a trusted application you need to visit a secure resource, otherwise your device can be harm by that application. In the other hand using an online tool like is always easy, because with it you just have to copy and paste the link to the tool.

Always Free to Use

If you are though that using this online tool for download Instagram stories you have to pay then don't worry because we provide this tool for downloading Reels, Videos, Story is completely free. You just have to use for your need. Not only that you can use this online tool for unlimited times no matter if you have used one then you can use again and again. So always remember the name for downloading any kinds of Instagram content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How to download Instagram stories with music?

If you want to download Instagram stories with music then visit and simply download the story using the online tool, and you will get the story with music. Because the online tool which we have share here that already download the story with music, so there are no other and extra process to download music from story.

Que: How to download Instagram Story on android?

If you want to download Someone's Instagram stories using your android device then there are so many options available. You can download Instagram stories on your Android device using third party application and also with online tool. Using application you have to download first that application. But avoid using application and visit online downloading tool like and download stories anytime.

Que: Can I use the on my iPhone?

The tool we have shared here for downloading videos and photo of profile is not only for any specific kind of device. So if you are a iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac user then don't worry about it. Because this tool is for everyone, You just have to open your device browser then you can visit to the

Que: Is Instagram Stories Downloader free to use here?

If you want to download Instagram stories using our online downloading tool then of course it's free to use. You can download stories using our this tool anytime anywhere. All kinds of online downloading tool are working on API which is of course not free but don't worry we will pay for that. You just have to use the tool, and it's completely free for any users who will be visited to the


Download Instagram stories in just few steps using our online Insta Story saver from here. If you use any kinds of application to download someone's Instagram story then switch to online tool with Because application is a long process because you have to download the application first. In the other hand, using the tool which we have shared that only needs the story's URL, then you can download the stories. Not only that if you have visited this page with Google Chrome then you will get an option to add this tool's app to your home screen. If you add that app then you don't have to open any browser just open the app and use as story downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions

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